Donning Tips

Donning compression socks doesn't have to be a daily struggle.

It can be difficult to put on compression socks because they are snug, especially around the heel and ankle area. That's the way it is supposed to be in order to get the compression. Unfortunately, when people get discouraged, they don’t wear them consistently – and the swelling in their lower legs and ankles tends to get worse rather than better.

Use the following tips for wearing compression socks to make it a little easier.

  • Put on compression stockings before starting your day.
  • Apply a little Powder to make things go smoother.
  • While holding onto the the heel, turn the product inside out and fold over then put your feet into the sock over your toes, then work it up your leg.
  • Smooth out wrinkles from bottom to top.
  • Take off compression socks by reversing the process.

Follow our step-by-step instructions for easier application:

1. Reach into the compression stocking and grasp the heel.

2. Turn the compression stocking inside out at the heel.

3. Pull the compression stocking over your foot to the heel.

4. Hold the fabric of the outer layer at the middle of the foot.

5. Lift the fabric up over your heel.

6. Use both hands again to grasp the material that is hanging down.

7. Distribute the fabric evenly over your calf and in stages up to your knee.

8. Now lift the fabric over the knee.

9. Smooth out all wrinkles to ensure the stockings lie flat against the skin.

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